How do I add my company?

We have made this directory for official members of Business Club Côte d’Azur. The purpose of this directory is making it easier for you to find the companies of fellow members. 

It’s completely free of to charge to list your company and job vacancies on this website. The only thing we ask you to do in return is to register as official member of our club in case you haven’t done so already.

Just like the website, it’s completely free of charge to become an official member of Business Club Côte d’Azur but it helps us a lot to make this community a better place for all of you! 

We organise casual easy going meetups every month between Monaco and Cannes with the sole purpose of connecting the English speaking community on the French Riviera.

This is how you can add your company listing to our directory website!

Listing information

Category: Choose a category that describes your company best. 

Tags: Select relevant tags for your company.

Company name: The name of your company 

Tagline: Enter your slogan if you have one, it will be presented underneath your company name on your company page

Description: Describe what your company does and include all the information you would like to include

Video URL: Paste a YouTube URL from a video that you would like to play on your company page

Logo: Upload your company logo, it will be used in the map and will be shown in the search results and on your company page.

The ratio is 100% which simply is a square format. The width should be equal to the height, we recommend uploading a logo with a size of 500 pixels by 500 pixels

Cover Image: Upload a banner for your company page. It will be used in the search results and your company page. The ratio is 35% which means that the height is 35% of the chosen width, for example upload an image that is 1000 pixels (px) wide and 350 pixels (px) heigh. We recommend the following size: 1920 pixels (height) by 672 pixels (width)

Gallery Images: Upload images that you would like to share, such as photos from your team, office or shop.

Company contact information

General phone number: Enter your public general phone number

General email address: Enter your general email address

Website: Enter your website URL, preferably to the homepage

Social channels: Click on the button “Add”, select the network that you would like add (such as “Facebook”) and enter the URL to your relevant company page. Make sure to copy the URL when you are visiting your social channels as a visitor, otherwise an admin reference could be included which will result in a broken link for visitors.

Company location information

Opening hours: Select your opening hours per day. First you select the day (for example Monday) and then you select one of the four options “Enter hours”, “Open all day”, “Closed all day” or “By appointment only”.

In case you have chosen for to enter hours, click on the button “Add Hours” and select the moment that your business would open in the “From” section and select the moment that your business would close in the “To” section.

You could also choose to add morning opening hours and afternoon opening hours by simply hitting the button “Add Hours” again. 

Timezone: Change the timezone if this is not set automatically to “Europe/Monaco”

Company address: Enter your full (company) address, this will be used in the search results and map.

Member introduction & special offers

Member introduction: Introduce yourself to the other members. The purpose of this section is that fellow members know who’s in charge of this company, who they could contact and simply getting to know other members in the community.

Video about you: Enter a YouTube URL to a video about you(r story) or to a Riviera Talks episode that we have made.

Do you have any special offers for members of the club?: In case you have any special offers, describe here what the offer is and could other members could benefit from this special offer.

Jobs: Select job listings that you have posted to be featured on your company page (you can do this later, assuming that your company page will be the first listing you publish)