About us

Club MojoCircle is an English-speaking community where women in France can:

  • feel supported in a caring community
  • enjoy connecting and socialising with a myriad of women from different countries, backgrounds and walks of life
  • make real connections with like-minded women who have similar experiences
  • overcome their feelings of frustration and separation from being in a different culture
  • find more meaning and purpose through personal development and growth
    and make new friends!

Come feel that sense of belonging in the Club MojoCircle community. It is motivational, thought provoking and insightful as well as social and fun.

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  • 17 May 2022 11:33 pm local time

Member introduction

Hi, I’m Janeen Sonsie, founder of Club MojoCircle.

I am an expat woman who moved from Australia to France at the very end of 2018 to start a new chapter in my life, at 59 years old, and I’m loving it. It certainly has its challenges for sure, like times of feeling lonely and isolated and wanting to see my old long-term friends, but I am happier here now than I have been for many years. I have my ups and downs and my moments, especially with French administration, but hey, don’t we all?

It has been a journey with many challenges as well as big achievements – not least of all transitioning to live in a new country. I thought, if I am struggling and wondering where to get support, how many other women would be feeling the same? Add to that my desire to help women live a more fulfilling life, and I found a passion and purpose in one. That is how Club MojoCircle came to life.

Club MojoCircle is an paid-membership club for English-speaking women in France – whether you consider yourself an expat, immigrant or are French. I created this positive and supportive community for women who want to be “free to be themselves” and get more out of life. It is both an online and live, in-person community – bringing you social and personal development opportunities.

Special offers for official members of Business Club Côte d'Azur

Club MojoCircle is launching in February 2021 with a special offer of 50% discount to the first 50 individual and the first 50 business members.

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