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I am an independant art advisor specialized in contemporary art an I am based both in Paris and the French Riviera.

After studying the art history and the art market, I began my carreer in internationally renown contemporary art galleries before putting myself at the service of collectors and art lovers.

Now, I advice privates and corporates in their artworks acquisitions and their own collection management with a full personalized approach.

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Member introduction

Dear Members,

I'm glad to introduce myself to all of you and I thank Robin and Joshua for their work with this club.

The French Riviera is a love story to me. Part of my family is from here and, even if I spend most of the time in Paris, it's a pleasure to come to this fantastic region almost every month (When Covid-19 allows us to travel !)...

I'm an Art Advisor, I advice privates and corporates in their artworks investments. I decided to develop my company as I'm passionate about art and more specifically contemporary art as much as I'm passionate about people. This job was the perfect job to me. Helping others to find the best artists for them, understanding who they are, discovering their own taste with them.

Today I am lucky ! I work both in Paris which is the French art market place #1 and the French Riviera where I develop my business and help my clients.

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