About this vacancy

We want to focus on our video proposition for real estate agencies on the Côte d'Azur. Video is an amazing tool to present a property the best possible way and generate more qualified leads from potential buyers.

We have put together a property package for real estate agencies on the French Riviera that will reach their target audience and generate more qualified leads.

We are looking for a sales representative to actively reach out to real estate agencies on the Côte d'Azur and discuss a potential collaboration between them and The Video Brand.

About the application process

In order to apply for this position, we kindly ask you to send us an email (info@thevideobrand.com) with your motivation and personal information.

We find it really important that there is a "click" between us and therefore we would always start with a casual chat in person where you could ask all the questions you have about us and vice versa.

Considering that we are both still interested in working together, we would invite you for a follow up meeting to spend some more time together and create another opportunity to ask questions and discuss what needs to be discussed.

If we are both open for a collaboration we will propose to you an agreement which describes your responsibilities, compensation and expectations.

No matter what type of contract, we always work with a six months trial period after which we will evaluate whether we still enjoy working together and what the conditions will be for the period following.

About the company

We are a trilingual team of very passionate content creators with backgrounds in filmmaking, marketing and sales.

Recently we’ve opened our first office “The Creative Hub” in Antibes, very close to the A8 exit. The Creative Hub is home to our three brands “The Video Brand”, “Woman In Marketing” and “Business Club Côte d’Azur” and is accessible for everyone that works with us. We have created more than enough flexible work spots, a recording studio, bar and small terrace.

We don’t get much satisfaction of being average and we’re always trying to learn from every project we do in order to make the next one even better. On the other hand, we like to take a step back to celebrate our successes with our team and our clients and spend time on building memories together.

Contact person

Joshua Kennedy

Phone number

+33 6 21 66 02 46

Email address