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The Lone Wolf Group is a place to find your pack. A place to explore what you really WANT to do with your vast resources, influence, and power - without any agenda or judgement. No matter how you choose to interact with us (1:1 Coaching, Invitation Only Retreats, or Client Engagement Consulting) the path will ultimately be led by YOU. What you want, How you want to achieve it, and Why you never have to apologise for any of it.

We understand the sacrifices that got you to your current level of success, and want to support you in making the next part of your journey fun, easy, and ALIGNED.

We combine coaching, advising, strategy, business experience and knowledge, experiential driven events and retreats, and space... to create a place for those at the top to reach even higher, in a more authentic way.

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Member introduction

I founded The Lone Wolf Group to support those who most look at and think 'They have it all, what more could they need?' with the secret struggles they really face. 10 x the pressure, 10 x the amount to lose, 10 x the fears due to the 'lone wolf' journey, and 10 x less people around them who will challenge them and who they can truly trust. My only agenda with the clients I work with is this: To help them get back in touch with trusting themselves, unleashing that potential, and using it to create the life they've *almost* given up hope of achieving. Because anyone CAN have it all - within and without.

Personally, I'm currently learning French, I love travel and new experiences and have lived in my native Australia, Canada, the UK, Japan and now France. I have a small dog who has moved with me too. I enjoy hosting intimate and relaxed dinner parties, sketching/ painting, singing, experiencing delicious food/ wine, museums/ art galleries, and am on a mission this next year to get my ass into gear around my fitness and health. ;-)

My professional background is in radio as an announcer/ music director, marketing/ promotions and partnerships, leadership development events, and even English teaching.

Special offers for official members of Business Club Côte d'Azur

For those interested in 1:1 Coaching - I always offer a complimentary 30-90min session first - for us to both see if it's a fit.

For those not interested in long term coaching but who are struggling in an area of their business or life, I normally charge a 350€ fee for a one-off 2-2.5hr session - but for Business Club Cote d'Azur Members I'm happy to offer this complimentary. Just buy my coffee or glass of wine. ;-)

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